Camels have accompanied Arabs for thousands of years now, creating an eternal civilization

How the Club Began

The Royal Decree to establish the Camel Club was issued on 21 July 2017/26 Shawwal 1438AH, stipulating that his Royal Highness Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz should be the General Superintendent of the club, and Sheikh Fahd bin Falah bin Hithleen should be Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Camel..a cultural heritage for our present and our future

  • رؤية
    Our Vision
    To be the leaders of the camel world at the regional and international levels and to be a historical, cultural and economic reference in all scientific and practical matters relating to the camel
  • رسالة
    Our Mission
    To nurture and develop the camel sector, creating and developing investment opportunities related to it, establishing interest in the camel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an authentic part of its heritage, cooperating in spreading and promoting this culture worldwide, and keeping pace with Saudi Vision 2030 in order to achieve some of its important goals in this regard.
  • غاية
    Strategic objectives
    • To serve and regulate the camel sector, and raise it to the highest levels in all related fields, combining the maintenance of authenticity with openness to trends in contemporary civilization.
    • To spread awareness and knowledge of the camel, the culture it has given rise to, and its links to the Saudi heritage.
    • To develop the economics of camels and their future.
    • To strengthen and promote partnerships with relevant international organizations.
  • قيمنا
    Our values
    The Intention: To proceed with the work after serious consideration is given to make the best decisions available to accomplish our mission and the tasks assigned to us without hesitation, interruption or regression.
    Mastery: To ensure that the service is provided and that the beneficiaries are treated with open-mindedness and dedication, and to make every effort to please them.
    Leadership and excellence: To show initiative, leadership and effective influence in promoting and developing the sector.
    Creativity and growth: To develop a spirit of continuous innovation, renewal, and creativity to enhance all the events, activities and services of the club.
    Commitment: To do its duty and carry out the tasks assigned to it, and to assume responsibility and initiative.
    Cooperation and support: To ensure that colleagues and team members are supported, and to provide them with the knowledge and experience that they need to further the interests and achieve the goals of the business.
    Humility and graciousness: Gentleness and avoidance of pride in all its manifestations, such as insisting on one’s own opinion, ignoring advice, boastfulness, putting personal interests above the public interest, and behaving ethically towards everybody.

Club Tours

The camel club has conducted a number of tours, aimed at:

  • Familiarising itself with a number of areas and sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and publicising their geography and history, especially the unspoiled natural sites that people rarely visit and know very little about.
  • Creating more graphic content about the camel, especially beauty camels.
  • Stressing that camels are a reliable means of transport, over a wide range of natural conditions.
  • Highlighting aspects of camel identity, and how heavily dependent people were on them in ancient times.

The Most Significant Camel Club Tours

The journey of the future with the eyes of the past (Neom)

A miniature caravan, exploring Saudi civilization and the depths of its ancient heritage. The tour was made up of two Saudi travellers on camelback and departed from the city of Dreamers (Neom), travelling through various areas of Saudi Arabia until it touched down in the King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival in the shimmering heat of the Dahna Desert, in order to discover the authenticity of our heritage.

Khefaf Tour 1 (Al Qunfudhah)

A touristic camel caravan aimed at exploring the beautiful areas of Saudi Arabia, taking photos of camels in a variety of geographical locations while at the same time publicising areas with a unique historical and geographical dimension. The journey started from the coasts of Al Qunfudhah on the Red Seaو passing into the interior through picturesque mountains and scenery which had not previously been publicised or photographed. Participants included a number of interested and travel professionals who had rich experience of living in these areas, and enjoyed local community participation in their lives and the way they lived in these locations.

Khuff flight 2 (Al Soudah)

As part of a series of Khuff trips, which target historical and tourist sites in Saudi Arabia, get acquainted with them by taking more pictures of the beautiful camels in the Al-Soudah heights, which are surrounded by fog from every direction, and taking pictures of camels in the highlands and amid the fog that surrounds the highest point in Saudi Arabia. The project also aims to introduce Al-Soudah and its geographical and climatic features.

The Rekayb Tour (Al-Rub’ Al-Khali)

An exploratory convoy offering the unique experience of crossing the Empty Quarter Desert in the south-east of Saudi Arabia on camelback. The starting point was the historic town of Uber, ending at the Yabrin Oasis in the Empty Quarter Desert. About 80 travellers from different countries of the world participated in it. They covered a distance of 600 kms and took 26 days.


Camels .. A link to the Kingdom's history and a source of pride for Saudis

The camel is a basic constituent of Saudi heritage and history through its close association with the human being in the Arabian Peninsula. It is an important asset towards providing a livelihood and supporting Saudis in adapting to difficult environmental conditions. From the early days of the Saudi state, man continued to depend on the camel in everything he did. It was the source of his power and his food. It even participated in the travels of the founder of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, King Abd al-Aziz bin Abdul-Rahman Al Saud as he sought to unify the country under the banner of tawhid.

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